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Asterisk Lecture @ ITP

by cory on March 28th, 2007
Dennis Crowley (co-founder of Dodgeball and ITP alum) asked me to come in last night and give a little intro talk to his Ubiquitous Computing for Mobile Devices class about how Asterisk works and how some of the apps I've built (like the popularity dialer) using it work. I was honored to have been asked and had a good time preparing a slideshow and talk to give everyone. Here is a link to the Asterisk lecture. It was created using S5, an HTML-and-javascript slide presenter that I highly recommend. There's nothing like the confidence of knowing your slideshow is online and thus totally presentable anywhere, no matter whether the conference room has PowerPoint, Keynote, etc. The event kickstarted me into setting up a Trixbox server on an old laptop in my living room. It's pictured below (nestled between the fridge and my roommate's door):
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