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Physics Simulations with Ember

by cory on July 13th, 2014
I saw this cool javascript simulation of a double pendulum by @MicaelOl on hacker news the other day, and aside from taking me back to my Classical Mechanics class in undergraduate many years ago, it inspired me to try to do the same with Ember and SVG.

As a first stab, I made a single pendulum aka a Harmonic Oscillator:
And then after a little messing around with it (and copy-pasting the equations verbatim from the original javascript sim), I got an Ember double pendulum simulation!
When I was an undergraduate I toiled on a final project related to the Lagrangian for my Classical Mechanics for a couple weeks, and a large part of that was programming a double-pendulum simulation in a java applet. It took me about 2 weeks to make it back then. When I tried to do this in Ember it took me about 1 hour. That's progress.

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