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Javascript Promises

by cory on October 14th, 2013
I've been doing a lot of building with ember.js lately, and they recently when all in on the promise pattern for asynchronous actions (such as routing from one page to another). Working heavily with promises in ember has gotten me excited again about the pattern. It's really very powerful, and I use it for all async code that I write now.

Earlier this month, I put together a presentation on Promises for the folks at UtahJS. To test my own knowledge I used a jsbin to test out a few different concepts with promises. This morning I cleaned that up into an interactive tool for exploring promises that you can use to view different examples of promise usage and see the output side by side with the code.

Domenic Denicola, whom I would call the current-day godfather of promises, has a great blog post called You're Missing the Point of Promises.

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