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Three is a trend

by cory on May 8th, 2009
I'm speaking at Euruko 2009 tomorrow, giving an updated version of the "Who Needs Photoshop?" talk that I gave at Scotland On Rails in March. This will be the third talk I've given this year. The first was when I talked about the Popularity Dialer at Ignite NYC in February. I submitted a talk idea to Ignite because I wanted to have a chance to practice speaking in public before Scotland On Rails. Ignite was a good place to practice. It was a big, energetic crowd. The talks were at 9:30pm in a club and the crowd had been drinking beers for a couple hours by that point and they were in a pretty good mood as a result. I gave my 5-minute presentation and was on a euphoric high the rest of the night. I forgot what a rush it can be to be in front of a big crowd like that. My Euruko talk is probably the one of the three so far that I'm most excited about. Ignite was pretty nerve-wracking, and Scotland on Rails even more so, but I'm feeling pretty good about talking tomorrow at Euruko. I had a lot of doubts about whether my talk was the right subject matter at Scotland On Rails and was very nervous about how it would be received. It's not a Railsy talk at all, and in some ways it's not even very Ruby-centric. What I'm really talking about is my exploration of image math and how I used Ruby as a tool to do so. There's nothing inherently Rubyish about what I'm doing -- Ruby is one tool of many that are applicable. But I think you can say that about almost any code -- you could always swap out a different language here, a different framework there -- so I'm less concerned about that than I was. I kind of went overboard coding up image processing code in ruby to supplement the talk that's open source on github. I hope someone else gets as excited about this stuff as I am and feels like forking it and contributing. I've also had about a month off from looking at this code and now, revisiting it to get ready for my talk tomorrow, I remember how cool all this stuff really is. Watching my code change images still feels more like magic than programming to me, and it's thrilling to see these things come together. I'll post some of the videos and images I've been creating after my talk.

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