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The Uniter?

by cory on November 10th, 2008
From my dad's most recent letter to the editor:
What an astounding election! The candidates represented the first state (Delaware, home of Senator Joe Biden) and the last state (Hawaii, birthplace of Barack Obama, one of the youngest candidates in our history and first African-American candidate), the biggest state (Alaska, whose governor is Sarah Palin, the second female candidate) and the (second) smallest state (Delaware), the coldest state (Alaska) and the warmest state (Hawaii), the state "that goes from A to Z" (Arizona, home of Senator John McCain, one of our oldest candidates), the northernmost state (Alaska) and the southernmost state (Hawaii), the westernmost state (Hawaii) and an East Coast state (Delaware). And the new president-elect, Barack Obama, son of a white mother and a black father, is from a very central state, a crossroads of the nation, Illinois, that was the home of Abraham Lincoln. May this most remarkable person truly unite all the people of this great country in facing the tasks ahead. All the signs are good.
Also, my dad hung out with terrorists.

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