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Playing with Fire

by cory on February 11th, 2008
I'm now 2 for 3 with viral youtube science experiments. Previously I fail to make Mountain Dew glow green and successfully created a spouting diet coke geyser. Yesterday's experiment, and my Thing for ThingADay, was to try to recreate the handheld fireball* on this youtube video. The result? Success! Well, mostly. The fireball heats up and eventually gets hot enough to be very uncomfortable in your hands, but for the first 30 seconds or so you can definitely hold it in your hands. Or toss it between your hands like a hot potato. See my pictures tagged fireball or watch this roughly-edited video:
HandHeld Fireball Take 2 from bantic on Vimeo. I also put up an outtakes reel -- the first time I did this I set the camera too high and you never actually see the fireball, just my goofball reactions to burning my hands. If you're my friend and want to see it, I'll send you the password. * So now I've 1) gotten a tattoo and 2) made a hand-held fireball for ThingADay. Jenny's comment: "that site is dangerous for you."

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