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Bobby Fischer, dead at 64

by cory on January 18th, 2008
Bobby Fischer died today. What an interesting iconoclast. A related side note: For the past week, Choire Sicha (pronunciation mp3), formerly of Gawker, has been guest-blogging for all this week. Jason did this before, and both times I've found it interesting how the particular interests of the guest blogger take the blog down slightly different roads. Joel Turnipseed tended to post long, intellectual interviews, and I'd say Choire's dominant themes so far are gay, art, nyc, and music, in that order. He's got a strong personality and a narrower, less technologically-inclined focus than Jason, and the dissonance has grated on me all week. And when I read that Fischer had died, my first thought was, I should have read this on, because I know it's something Jason would be interested in. Update: Yep, when Kottke came back to his blog, he was all over it.

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