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Bar Masa

by cory on December 17th, 2007
I've always wanted to try Masa, that shrine to sushi perfection, with its $300 prix fixe menu. I didn't do that last week, but I did get a mini sampler at Bar Masa, which is nonetheless frightfully expensive, though somewhat less so than Masa. I was there showing my Chilean friend Maca around. This is what we had: Bar Masa Sushi I ordered the sushi a la carte -- maitake, tuna, octopus, scallop, eel, and 4 others -- and after I had done so the waiter indicated across the table to Maca and said, "And for her?" He did a minor double-take when I let him know that yes, we were splitting 8 pieces of sushi. It wasn't a lot of food, but the bill was still $65. The quality of the sushi seemed first-rate to me, although it made me realize that I needn't have reached this far up the quality scale to satisfy my as-yet unsophisticated sushi palate. I could tell the Maitake was cooked perfectly -- just this side of crispy, very lightly buttered -- and the eel was also easily the best unagi I've had, and I have it almost every time I eat sushi so I did actually have a basis for comparison there. My two other pieces were good but not mindblowing. The restaurant itself was beautiful in a minimalist way, although it was missing the small touches I would have expected for something in that price range. For example, the pen I was given to sign the check was a dime-store bic with a chewed end. All in all I'm very happy that I went, but more for the experience than the actual food. Still, my excitement and anticipation for Masa's menu hasn't abated a bit. map

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