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The wisdom of attaching 4MB video files to chain emails

by cory on October 23rd, 2007
There's a generational gap right around age 45 that divides those who send mass emails out with a link to a video and those who send the video as an attachment. I've always considered attaching the video as antiquated practice. Today my dad forwarded me a WMV file that showed a baseball getting hidden in the pocket of an umpire. I wanted to send him back a link to a video of a baseball bat balancing on its end after the batter drops it to run that I had seen on kottke, but YouTube claims that the video has been pulled "due to a copyright claim by MLB Advanced Media." If that video had been a forwarded attachment, I'd still be able to see it right now! Of course, the larger question is when will the MLB realize that it shouldn't be pulling those videos in the first place? A 30-second interesting video like that doesn't hurt its marketplace position at all; it probably would win over some new viewers who think that baseball is boring.

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