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This is What it Takes to Win

by cory on May 7th, 2007
On Saturday night, while speedwalking back from some Cinco de Mayo margaritas in Williamsburg in order to catch the start of Jazz-Rockets game 7, I listened to a voicemail from my dad. Here are his three superstitious reasons that the Jazz were going to win. 1. At the Kentucky Derby, a horse with blue colors beat a horse with red colors. So far, so good. 2. At the derby, there was a horse named StreetSmarts (aka Jazz point guard Deron Williams), Curlin (aka forward Matt Harpring, whose signature move is to curl around a low screen and pop up a shot) and imawildandcrazyguy (aka AK-47, Andrei Kirilenko) were all contenders (with Street Sense taking it all, of course). 3. Earlier in the day, he used the totally scientific 3-pt test: If he makes more than 50% of his 3-pointers, Jazz win (he made just over 50%). He also made 85% of his free throws, meaning the Jazz will shoot that well (actually, they only shot 75%). Meanwhile, during the game I wore my Boozer shirt, he wore his Jazz shirt and also brought out a Jazz towel and pennant from my room. At halftime I put my other Jazz shirt around my shoulders and grabbed three lucky stones from my dresser. When the game tied up in the 4th quarter, my Dad decided to go put on the sweaty Jazz shirt he had worn at the gym to shoot those 3-pointers. (After he did that the Rockets quickly took a 5-point lead, so the shirt went right back to my room.) Simple, right? Deadspin has a great playoff preview of the Utah-Golden State matchup starting tonight, including this quote:
The Jazz possess style as well, though of a subtler form. Whereas the Warriors emit warmth and color, the Jazz players convey a chilly nihilism -- an indifferent isolation in which one draws the conclusion: I have no one else to live for except me. This series will not be a battle of style versus the absence of style, but rather two specific brands of anarchic panache.
Go Jazz!

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