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Snagu at MTVu's Woodies Awards

by cory on November 7th, 2006
snagu logo Snagu, the camera phone scavenger hunt that I created with three other students at ITP, was featured at MTVu's Woodie Awards a few weeks ago. We created a special Woodies-themed Snagu game and the top players got to go to the Woodies and play it live, with all-access stage passes. Their pictures have just gone up on the Woodies site. There's no permalink, so start at the main Woodies page, click on "photos" and then click on the photo set in the lower left. Chrysanthe and I got in close to the stage and were able to get a pretty good view of the festivities, including seeing Beck perform side-by-side with his marionette band. We also got a really good view of the Jared Leto-Elijah Wood flap (I was standing right next to the person who took those photographs). The show got increasingly chaotic as the night went on and at one point CT and I were able to sneak into the VIP area where I high-fived the floozy girlfriend of the Plain White T's lead singer (after handing her a Popularity Dialer card), and told Imogen Heap how nice her opening number was. Also ended with half my face in a truly tame LastNightsParty set. My half face is behind Oren mugging for the camera. That's CT on the lower left. The weirdest thing about the show was how chaotic it was. It was hard to tell what was going on, and it wasn't until a half an hour after it ended that I figured out who had won the major award (Woodie of the Year — the winner was Angels & Airwaves). The other weird thing was how dead the commercial breaks were. The show would completely stop, the lights would go a bit dim, and they'd play random music videos on the screens. And then the Voice From Above would boom that we were going back on in 5 seconds and tell everyone to start screaming and cheering.

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