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Pheeder at Cll Phn Lckn

by cory on November 7th, 2006
Pheeder is going to be making a special guest appearance (of sorts) at tonight's Cell Phone Lock-in at the Moma. I can't say more because it's a bit of a secret, but I'll update with some more details tomorrow. Update By "tomorrow" I apparently meant next week. Anyway, this is what went down: Cll Phn Lckn confiscated about 1000 phones and put them up on a large grid in the Moma lobby. We used Pheeder's voice engine to call the cell phones, which created a really neat effect of twinkling, blinking, buzzing phones for about 20 minutes. The sound system drowned out the phones' ringtones, unfortunately. It would have made a cool aural pastiche. We had originally set the call-bomb to go off at 7:30, but at 7:20 there was still a long line of folks trailing out the doors, so we decided we needed to push back the calling. Doug from Happycorp and Sean from the MOMA escorted John and me to MOMA's back offices and where we fired up an SSH connection to our server, Mission: Impossible style, and pushed back the call time with just a few seconds to spare. Here is some video from LVHRD and the LVHRD blog post about the event. Les Savy Fav played a "secret" concert that I at least knew about a day ahead of time, and at one point an LSF guy went sliding on his knees past me, coated in sweat, off into the crowd. Combined with the surroundings and the generous free Dewars from the bar, it was a really surreal night.

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